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I’m in here

I’m in here Yesterday, a random thought popped into my head and it was that sometimes the worst thing about people is being one. Humans are needy creatures.  Constantly searching for the things that fill us.  As necessary as food … Continue reading

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Chasing pavements

Sometimes the hardest thing about being a runner is that people expect you to run.  Like all the time.  They don’t expect you to ever take a break to try something new.  No mini vacations from the redundancy of pounding pavements.  … Continue reading

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It ain’t me, babe

If hell has landscaping, I think it would look like my yard.  You might think I’m over exaggerating but let me assure you it’s quite possible.

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For the summer

They say that a habit is birthed after doing something for 30 days.  I’ve decided there must be a minimum age requirement for that to happen though, similar to driving or being able to buy alcohol.  My kids have been doing a … Continue reading

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You’ll accomp’ny me

Mike Murdock (a motivational speaker) says that a dream births an obsession.  No truer words could describe that phenomenon and I got to visualize it when I walked into Emma’s bedroom to say goodnight to her the other night.  That’s when … Continue reading

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I never wanted to be a singer.  I think I’ve always understood that my voice was not for singing and I wasn’t meant to be in a rock band.  I was never the kid who stood in front of the mirror … Continue reading

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The curse

Well, here we are.  1 month overdue to this day that I dreaded.  Making a decision of what I deem my ‘favorite’ song.  Such a choice.  When I began this challenge, I had hoped it would emote better writing from me.  … Continue reading

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