If you’re going to be a runner, you accept the fact that a bad run will happen from time to time.  When exactly can not be predicted or even managed.  It might be the easy 3 miler you’ve done forever, or it could be that next long distance you’ve set into your training schedule.  Sometimes, it sadly happens on race day.  Truth is, it sucks no matter when it comes and it has the ability to shake your belief in yourself.  A whisper of a doubt that asks you… are you really the runner you perceive yourself to be? 

Erasing that doubt is as easy as the next good run.  True, you may start out tentatively enough.  But as your pace evens out and your breath finds it’s natural rhythm, you start to feel confident.  There it is… that feeling you love.  To run and feel the labor of your body moving along.  Pushing yourself ever so slightly while still enjoying the sensation.  Running in the moment, not the run before.  The sky a brilliant blue above you.  You feel the breeze on your face and the sun shining on your shoulders.  Hearing the sound of someone mowing their lawn in the distance.  Fabric softener blows with the wind, reminding you that people live in those houses you pass by.  You wonder why anyone would choose to be inside when they could be out running, experiencing this.

Your mind quickly forgets the struggle of your last run.  How your body hated it, how your mind complained.  How your brain was a broken record of… ‘i want to stop.  why am i doing this?’.  Right now, that question is easily answered.  Being completely connected in the moment.  You take it in with all your senses.  Hearing now the pounding of your feet below you, a cadence as assuring as a lullaby.  Breathing deeply, you smell the flowers as you pass them by.  Watching a bee buzzing around them, a chipmunk scampering along.  The fresh air that fills your lungs tastes sweet, flavored by mother nature herself.  You feel the strength in your legs as they carry you along.  You’ve become a part of it all.  In this moment, at this time, in this run a feeling of peace surrounds you.  And as you feel that comfort fill your beating heart, you wonder if a run could ever be more perfect than this.


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These are the pieces of my life and those that make it worth living
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