The curse

Well, here we are.  1 month overdue to this day that I dreaded.  Making a decision of what I deem my ‘favorite’ song.  Such a choice.  When I began this challenge, I had hoped it would emote better writing from me.  Almost every post on my blog is inspired by a song, by a tune, a collection of chords or a lyric that plays over and over again in my head until the words become clear and a story is written.  So why is it that this 30 day song challenge has in no way expanded my writing?  Maybe it’s because my heart is the one that decides what I need to write and then my head finds the song that  should accompany.  Not vice versa.

So what is my favorite song?  Seemingly such an easy question.  I battled with it from that first post.  Choosing to postpone a decision until the last day possible, starting with Day 30 in order to do so.  Frustrated, I asked Dan what he thought my song should be and his answer surprised me.  He asked me how did I expect to have a favorite song when I didn’t even have a best friend?  His words stung me for a second until I realized he was absolutely right.  I have a very small group of friends that I hold as close to me as anyone could be.  The people who I share my pain, my struggles, my dreams and my fears.  All of them dear to me and irreplaceable in my heart.  The friends that I cling to in different circumstances.  Each of their roles in my life imperative and necessary.  How could I rate them in order of importance when I need each of them implicitly?

And isn’t that what a favorite song is?  A friend that you turn to when you need to feel, relate to and release?  Music is a way to speak on something when words have escaped us whether it be happiness, sorrow or confusion.  Our favorite songs evolve from our ability to relate to what it says to us.  A memory, a feeling.  A way to express them and ask someone else ‘doesn’t it make you feel that way too?’  

So what is my favorite song?  That depends on the day I suppose.  I’ve decided that the best answer I have for this post would be the following song…

Day 1~ Your favorite song

Dan introduced this song to me.  A beautiful song with obscure lyrics… what do they mean?  We discovered together that it was a wonderful love story between a mummy and the archeologist that finds him.  The story unfolds, talking of when they first meet.  Sharing together and how they both change.  Listening, you realize that ‘The Curse’ is that he is alive forever and has to watch her die.  The music is perfect with its nostalgic sound hidden in a waltz like tempo.  Close your eyes and listen to the song.  Your mind can picture the story as it plays out.  Whimsical and absurd yet it’s meaning incredibly moving.  Without a doubt, my most favorite song about a mummy and an archeologist.


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2 Responses to The curse

  1. koreafied says:

    I’ve been following your entries off and on. I’m willing to bet your favorite song is a unique one. Soon enough, I’ll start blogging again. I don’t know about what, but I will. Maybe I’ll go back to my Korea experience, but it started to feel so cliche.

    Anyway, congrats on finishing your 30-day challenge in . . . uh, a few more than 30 days! 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Lee! I hope you do get back to your writing. You have a gift & you need to share it. You’ve just experienced one of life’s biggest changes, I’m thinking you might have a couple of words to share about that. I can’t see anyone thinking you cliche… cliche’s don’t have heart.

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