You’ll accomp’ny me

Mike Murdock (a motivational speaker) says that a dream births an obsession.  No truer words could describe that phenomenon and I got to visualize it when I walked into Emma’s bedroom to say goodnight to her the other night.  That’s when I saw this…

You see, the last time we went shopping at Meijer, Emma & Gerrit discovered the big claw.  You know that game with the giant claw that you peer through the glass and hope to snag one of the stuffed toys?  Emma saw in it a pink bear and ever since that moment, she has dreamed of winning it.  Already, it has a name… Pinkie B. 

Gerrit asked her the other day what she would do if it wasn’t there when we finally went grocery shopping again.  She shook her head solemnly and with a sigh told him “i’m not going to think about that”.  Looking at her wall, I wondered the same thing as Gerrit.  23 PB’s smiling happily over her bed… yikes!  I’m not sure of the official number you have to get to before you hit psycho status but I’m guessing it’s close.

Yesterday, we were finally going back to Meijer and they had their 50¢ in hand.  I warned them that the game was rigged against them and that they probably weren’t going to win anything.  They couldn’t be dissuaded.

Gerrit gave it a go…. nothing.  Emma’s turn was next

Sadly, Pinkie B. wasn’t even there.  She tried to win something else instead…. nothing. 

I was a little worried how she would take it.  After all, she did have an absurd amount of bear drawings on the wall next to her bed.  But she was fine.  I think she believes deep down that PB will show up some other way.  As if her destiny is still with him and this is not good bye but until we meet again.


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2 Responses to You’ll accomp’ny me

  1. So glad she took it well, Chris. TOO funny, though!

  2. Erin Pollet says:

    The one in the middle. His eyes are boring into my soul. This is really creepy, Chris. You’re gonna have to keep an eye on this one when she starts dating.

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