Glitter in the air

Vacations are an incredible thing.  Regardless if you come back to 2 stinky dogs that have been sprayed by a skunk in your absence, a cat that keeps incessantly crying from the loneliness of you being gone or the flu you come down with a mere 8 hours after arriving home.  None of that has the capacity to overcome the awesomeness of getting away for a week.  Nope.  Neither does coming back to a yard full of weeds (my endless battle) and grass high enough to almost warrant a goat.  Not even seeing with dismay that the torrential downpours that came through had caused our woodchips to overflow onto our patio can make me complain.  No, we had a fabulous time and I’m going to reflect on those thoughts.  Besides, I figured out a long time ago that people tend to lose sympathy for you when you’re wearing a fresh tan and haven’t worked in a month and a half.  So what’d be the point? 

Instead, I’ll tell you about the delightfulnessof Gun Lake.  Once again, we were lucky enough to be invited out to stay with my friend Cheri and her family for the week.  The sun was hot, the lake was warm and the company was great.  Emma & Gerrit spent most of their time perfecting their swimming skills and I worked on perfecting my cottaging technique.  Although I liken myself to a pro, I admit I need the practice to stay sharp.

Doing what I do best… cottaging. 

I almost always come home with the regret of not taking enough pictures and this time was no exception.  We played in the water, went on boat rides, sat in the hot tub and even had dinner at a nice restaurant. 

Gerrit & Emma enjoying their ice cream at Bay Pointe.  You can’t even tell I’ve been hissing whispers of don’t touch that, put that back, what are you doing?!? can you?

The kids taking turns getting thrown off the raft by our friend Bryan

Taking a pontoon ride around the lake. 

Still, life is about learning and I think we all partook on our hiatus.  Emma realized there’s a very real reason people warn you to stay away from a motorcycle that’s just been ridden.  Hopefully, the burn on her leg will improve her listening ears.  On the bright side, I don’t think she’ll have to shave in that spot when she gets older.  Gerrit learned to move past a moment of terror.  He panicked in the water 2 feet from the dock when he realized he couldn’t touch and a stomach cramp hit him.  He started flailing and sinking.  I was proud of him for collecting himself quickly and within seconds of being pulled out of the water, he asked if he could go back and jump off the dock.  For my child of trepidation, this was a big deal.  Dan found out that bags is as much fun as frisbeer, dark chocolate makes a fine compliment to scotch and attempting a stand up jet ski for the first time at 1am might not be the best idea ever hatched by men.

And me?  Well, I’m still working on what I discovered fully.  Slightly hazy, I can feel it somewhere below the surface.  Like when the sand gets swirled up in the lake, you can faintly tell there’s rocks below but in order to see them clearly, the dust has to settle.  I can say with absolute certainty that sitting in a hot tub in the middle of a downpour is both exhilarating and hilarious.  Swimming back stroke in a warm lake while gazing up at a summer sky filled with glistening stars just has to take your breath away.  And that without a doubt, the connections we create and rediscover with the people around us are more precious than any place or thing we could ever possess.

I was easily reminded of last summer when Cheri had to undergo her last chemo treatment the week we stayed.  Our talks about the radiation to follow.  What that could mean and how far off the end of it all seemed.  How more than anything in this world, I wanted my friend to be healthy again.  Whole again.  A summer later, it wasn’t hard to be grateful.  Sitting with her once again, her hair curly and full.  It wasn’t lost on me how fortunate  I am.  These moments of glitter in the air.


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