Are we really through?

Here we are, the official end to summer… Labor Day Weekend.  Legally in Michigan schools can’t even start before that date, lest the tourism revenue carefree days of travel and leisure be brought to an end.  We were invited to camp with our friends this weekend but I politely declined.  I need these last few days to be peaceful & quiet.  This summer has been a whirlwind… going, doing, seeing, swimming, traveling, camping, cottaging, tubing, boating, fishing, kayaking and vacationing.  My motto has always been to suck all the sweet nectar out of summer that I can but when it’s all said and done, I wonder why it is that I’m the one feeling drained? 

The truth is summer living is hard.  Real hard if you do it right and I think I’ve got it down pat.  I’ve tried to cram as much fun and exhilaration into one season as I can.  Realizing that the rest of the year is jam-packed with obligation and work, I make the most of this reprieve from duties.  No work, no school, no responsibilities other than the ones I set for the kids and I.  Housework, yard work, errands… we get them done, we’re good to go. 

And go we did.  My pets might be permanently scarred from leaving them so much in the last 2.5 months.  The dogs flinch every time they see me grab my purse, whine endlessly if I dare touch a suitcase and Quigley is still meowing to find me wherever I am in the house.  We were blessed to be able to spend time with friends, invited to stay with them.  A blessing I’d never turn away and I didn’t.

I can safely say that we made the most of our days.  Only an occassional down day here and there to catch up on chores and sleep.  Then off we went again, if not for a few days, at least to the beach.  The tan lines my kids & I will have until February (even with SPF 50) can attest to our dedication of chasing the summer dream. 

So what are you saying, Chris?’ you’re asking me right now.  Am I complaining?  Am I rubbing it in?  What is the point of this post?  Yeah, summer is fun… duh.  It is.  Absolutely.  But I’m admitting to you right here, right now that summer is tiring.  Free living takes its toll on your body, your mind, and sadly… your bank account.  I’ve started to wonder if a gluttonous diet of pure fun and pleasure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? 

In the end (please don’t tell anyone), I’m looking forward to returning to a schedule.  REAL LIFE, as I’ve dubbed it, is not without its own rewards.  I’m optimistic that a life of routine and consistency might not be as bad as I usually picture in September.  In a way, I’m almost relieved to have demands, limitations (and paychecks) imposed upon me again.  Tuesday starts a completely different life for us and as naive as it might be for me to say this… I think I’m ready for it.  At least mentally.  Summer is just 1 season and my weary body is so grateful for that.  I think the words of Bug’s Bunny best sum it up… it’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here.


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