Sandy, me & Megan

My version of the law of eventuality is this… given enough planned trips out-of-town, a kid will inevitably vomit the morning you’re supposed to leave.  That’s exactly what happened the day we were going to leave for my friend, Sandy’s cottage.  Emma woke up around 8 and promptly puked.  Random and only occurring once, her and I waited until about 3 just to be safe before we headed up.  Gerrit hitched a ride with my friend, Megan and her girls.  Delayed but not defeated.

When we arrived, we were surprised to find a giant slip & slide had been erected on the hill.  Made of tarps and covered quite generously with dish soap.  I’m still not sure if it’s official  name was the ‘hillbilly slide’ or the ‘redneck slide’ but it was fun none the less.

Zachary, Savannah, Makayla & Emma

As usual, Sandy’s cottage is the only place I feel comfortable tubing.  I’m not sure if it’s that the lake isn’t very busy, that I trust Sandy to drive the boat like I’m a giant, yellow-bellied coward or a combination of the two.  Either way, it’s my little way of stepping just a smidgen closer to brave.

Savannah tubing

Savannah & Emma together

Dan & Emma

Dan & Gerrit

Makayla & Megan

Megan & I

Dan even skied!

Usually our time at Sandy’s is a women & children’s only event, not so much by design but because our men are always working when we go during the week.  This year, Dan was able to make it up the last day we were there.  Before his arrival though, we got in our female bonding.  Megan built us fires at night & our paranoia helped us create our new friend… Mary A. Nett.

Megan creating her en fuego magic…


I was trying to take pictures of the moon which was huge and beautiful (an impossible task) when I noticed that there was something slightly creepy in the picture…

Look to the left of the chair, doesn’t it look like a scary, bloody mouthed marionette puppet??

The next night, we decided to create a friendlier version…

In the daylight

Nighttime Mary A. Nett

The days were fun-filled, even when the sun wasn’t shining…

Makayla, Jesse, Gerrit, Emma & Savannah

Emma, Makayla & Savannah

Jesse & Megan

Zachary, Savannah & Makayla

Gerrit waiting his turn to tube

Dan & I


Gerrit & Makayla

The nights were beautiful and we spent them around the fire laughing and talking.  Sandy has been like a sister to me for years and it had been way too long since we’d carved out some time to talk.  I wish that we’d had more time to spend up there.  As always, the days go by too quickly when you’re with people you love.


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