Funny how time slips away

Our annual Ludington trip with the B family is bittersweet.  While the scenery is gorgeous and plentiful with fun things to do, it’s also a reminder that summer is quickly coming to a close.  Knowing that our days were numbered, we tried to get as much in as possible.  We spent time at Lake Michigan, traveled a path around an island on Lost Lake, kayaked, swam in the pool, fished and made s’mores.  The weather was great for the most part and we made sure we were outside enjoying it.

Our trek around the island

Watching a bass trying to eat minnows, Gerrit told us: “Good thing God keeps making minnows so they don’t get extinct like the dinosaurs”

Emma found this piece of a rotting tree.  She told me:” Mom, this looks like Texas!”.  I was impressed.

We decided this was a walking tree since it had legs and that it was probably just trying to trick us by holding still

We took the kids fishing and somehow managed to catch a couple tiny bluegill. Here’s Emmas

Emma:” I can’t believe that tiny, little fish was what was fighting me so hard!”.  Laughing ensued.

Gerrit reeling in his fish

Happy he caught one

Later that night, Dan caught a nice walleye. 

Our second trek onto the island

Such pretty views

The view of the sunset from our cottage. 

Fog tried to deter us from having fun one day

But if there’s one thing the kids and I know, it’s how to have a good time at the beach

Lake Michigan

Our annual walk out to the lighthouse

This was our new found friend, Iik (pronounced like Ick)

He sauntered up on the beach by us and refused to leave.  We didn’t argue with him and I’m not ashamed to admit that I ran away when he started getting closer to us… swans can be mean!

So long sun… and summer.


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2 Responses to Funny how time slips away

  1. Tammy Breuker says:

    amazing 🙂 really enjoy your pictures.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Tammy! And thanks for reading 🙂

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