Hey me, hey mama

Have you ever tried to write a bio about yourself?  Sure, it sounds simple enough… write up a quick blurb about your family, work, etc.  Dedicate two small paragraphs to explain the better parts of your life.  Absolutely, I thought, I got it.  Then I sat down to do just that and felt the heaviness of the task.  How do I possibly sum up me in such a miniscule amount of space?  Have you seen this blog?  I spend the better part of it just trying to figure out who I am, let alone give a short synopsis of what I’ve discovered.  Now I have to write an accurate description of myself that makes me sound fantastic and intriguing?  

I hemmed and hawed for the better part of the day while I volunteered at the kid’s school.  What do I say to make myself stand out?  My life is pretty cookie cutter.  Hmmm… maybe the answer wasn’t in what I said but in how I said it.  My brain worked overtime trying to create what I hoped would be considered a bio work of art.  While maybe not a masterpiece worthy of winning a Scholastic Art & Writing Award, I think it turned out ok (I hope).  And before you ask the inevitable… yes, it does have to be written in third person. 


Chris Bartnick holds many titles to many people.  Wife of Dan, mother to Emma and Gerrit, friend to the masses, writer and runner.  Preferring a nontraditional education, she has studied human behavior and conflict resolution as a bus driver for Kentwood Public schools over the last 14 years. 

Her online journal, (aka blog) LifeLoveandHappiness, has been earning her street cred since 2007.  There she shares an honest look at the life she lives and the people who make it worth living.  As eclectic as her musical taste, her blog varies from self-deprecating humor, sincere introspection and the vast trials of motherhood and wifedom.  When she’s not writing about the life she loves, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, finding new music, reading, working out, vacations, stand up comedy and being stalked by her cat and two dogs.


About Chris

These are the pieces of my life and those that make it worth living
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One Response to Hey me, hey mama

  1. Great bio, Chris! Curious what it’s for. I do NOT like writing those things – though I have one 🙂

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