Crazy for you

Savage Chickens

Remember your first crush?  How he made your heart pitter patter?  You’d try to find a reason to walk past his locker at school.  That one class you had together suddenly becoming the highlight of your day.  The pencil he borrowed from you, now a sacred treasure (those might be his teeth marks at the end!).  At lunch, you’d stealthfully watch him sitting at a table with his friends.  Later at home, you’d pull out your yearbook and stare at his horrible black and white school picture.  Doodling his name with yours… or was that just me? 

I’d sit in my bedroom, pining over him.  The way his hair fell, the sound of his laugh, how his smile made my heart melt.  I wondered how were no other girls affected by him this way?  I was sure he’d be the perfect boyfriend.  Kind, considerate and romantic.  I imagined our first date.  He would totally be the type of guy that opened my doors and sent flowers to me at school for my birthday.  He was so wonderful.  Did he like me too?  He just had to, didn’t he?  I needed to know. 

Pulling out the phone book, I sat and stared at his number.  There it was.  Just call him and ask him, my mind thought.  Then, with a boldness I’d never experienced before, I picked up the phone and dialed the first 6 numbers.  My finger poised over that last number, my heart hammered inside my chest.  Push it.  I desperately wanted to push it but I was scared.  What if he thought I was a dork for calling him?  What if he didn’t like me?  What if he liked someone else?  It doesn’t matter.  My need to know what he thought of me overruled my fear.  I needed to know.  I jabbed the last digit.

It was ringing!  Oh my gosh, it was ringing!  My mind debated if it was better for someone to answer or not.  Could I do this ever again?  People only have so much courage in them.  What if I had used mine up?  My stomach fluttered and my heart hammered.  A voice picked up… his mom.  I squeaked out his name, a pause on the line and then he was there.  Silly, mindless chatter followed.  How was it going?  What was he up to?  Wasn’t our pre-algebra teacher the meanest?  Then, I just blurted it out... do you like me?

I thought my days of crushing were over.  Done with putting myself out there and waiting in that awkward pause for the reply.  Do you like me, yes or no?  Then I stumbled across a website on Wednesday.  As I read the articles, I realized they were all written by women.  Topics on fashion, beauty, parenting, health and relationships.  I could write something like this.  I could envision my words on this site.  Could we be a good fit together?  Only one way to find out.  I summoned up my nerve and sent them a submission.  I like you, do you like me too?

Two agonizing days later, I received my answer…


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2 Responses to Crazy for you

  1. Which was…. 😉

    I SO remember my first crush. JUST like that.

  2. congratulations! that is a huge accomplishment and you should be extremely proud!!!

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