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The kids don’t stand a chance

As a part-time substitute bus driver, I don’t usually get a chance to get to know the kids I’m driving.  Driving only in the morning, it’s normally pretty dark and the kids are half asleep.  Yesterday was a little different though.  A 6th grade student wanted to tell me quite a … Continue reading

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Good man

Today is Dan’s birthday.  A whopping 35 years old!   His gifts included some clothes and the addition of a jaguar carpet python into our home.  Uh yeah… While he loved all of that, I’m positive that this post will be his actual favorite … Continue reading

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Disappearing world

I’ve come to realize that my kids live in a bubble of innocence reminiscent to Leave it to Beaver. 

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When my brother was a toddler, he spent about a year not talking.  Let me clarify that.  He could talk, he just chose not to.  Now he’s a few years older than me so I didn’t actually experience this reign of silence but … Continue reading

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Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

I have a been a poster child for Newton’s Law of Inertia.  This body of mine has clearly been at rest for far too long.

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