I whip my hair

Let’s pretend today is the actual Day 2 of my thankfulness.  Who is the star of this post?

is for….


Back in the day, my biggest nemesis was my very own hair.  I hated it for its ugly, mousy color and it’s inability to be pin straight.  We feuded like the Hatfields and Mccoys.  Time after time, I spent blow drying it into the smoothest locks I could only to be betrayed later by its frizzing ways.  Kinky and crazed, I almost always ended up looking more like a mad scientist than a model in a Pantene commercial.

Post babies, I gave up conceded to my hair that it was more powerful than my will.  Whatever it wished would now be my command.  It didn’t want to be straight and pretty.  Fine hair, be curly.  I decided to try to work with it instead of against it.  I bought hair products to enhance its natural tendancies rather than hide them.  Then a funny thing happened.  I started understand what it was demanding and suddenly we were on the same team.  On the days it wants to go big, we go REALLY BIG.  On days it wants to lay low, we go straight.  Just call me the hair whisperer (really don’t).

Today, I’m so grateful for the ‘mind of it’s own’ hair that sits atop my head.  What was once my adversary has now become one of my secret weapons.  I’ve dubbed it my lion’s mane which makes it more endearing to those it intrudes upon.  It’s volume makes me appear taller than I am which is awesome because I might come across a bear someday.  Children on the bus are hypnotized by its sheer size.  They climb on the bus staring at it and ask me questions like ‘is that a wig?’.  It has also been referred to as ‘Sarah Jessica Parker hair’ which has to take my writing skills up a  notch.  I mean, she played Carrie Bradshaw for 6 years on Sex In the City and had her own column and everything.  I think we all know how significant her hair was to that.

So today, I would like to Thank You Lion’s Mane.  You have helped me become the person I am today and for that, I am grateful.


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  1. Wilhelmina Benintendi says:

    Love your blog!

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