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Running.  Who would I be without it?  A sad, unhealthy sack I do believe.  Running has given me so many benefits and taught me so much about myself.  I’ve learned that I can do more than I ever thought I could.  It’s made me both physically and mentally stronger.  It showed me that if I tell myself I can do something, then I can.  The day I decided to run the Grand Rapids Half Marathon, I had never even run 3 miles before.  In fact, it was literally the very first race I ever registered for in my life.

There’s a world that opens up when you become a runner.  A giant club where the only requirement to become a member is that you run.  That’s it.  You don’t have to run exceptionally well or any particular distance.  No secret handshake.  Nope.  You just need to strap on some kicks every once in a while and run.  Besides, runners have fantastic ideas like Beer Runs or Running City Tours.

Most people know the obvious benefits to running.  It’s a great way to exercise cardiovascularly, your clothes fit a little better, and the endorphins that get released are pretty sweet.  I found an added perk to becoming a runner though.  One I didn’t expect.  I never anticipated that I would gain new friendships and strengthen the ones I already had.  There’s an intimacy that’s shared by people when they suffer through a long run together.  Things are shared in that time.  Conversations get real.  Too tired to BS anymore and after about an hour you’ve chatted all the small talk there is.  It’s cheaper than therapy and healthier than going to the bar.  Although, if you plan it right, you just might end up at one.

Running changed me.  Pure and simple.  And it changed this blog, cuz let’s admit it… I’d have a lot fewer posts without it!  Seriously though, the courage I’m using to chase after my dream of being a writer is the courage I found out on the trail.  Chasing pavements.  And for that, I am grateful.



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