If I ruled the world

Does anybody else think I’m as clever as I do with the title?  If I ruled the world.  I make myself chuckle.

Yes indeed, today’s letter is

 is for… Inspiration

For a minute, I considered making it indubitably just because it’s so much fun to say but we’ll play it on the safe side.  I’ll write instead about the thing that happens before I start to type (theoretically)… inspiration.  Where does it come from?  Such an elusive thing.  You could be walking down the street and find it.  Flicking through the stations when a commercial triggers it.  Or hear a song that gets the gears cranking.  You just never know.

I love inspiration.  It makes me fresh and crisp, like a really good salad.  Yes, that does make sense.  Think about it.  A great salad has all kinds of different ingredients.  Individually, they aren’t really anything but when you put them together… BAM!  You got yums.  That’s inspiration to me.  The perfect collision of elements into one delicious post for your reading pleasure.

The thing about inspiration is that when I have it, I’m elated.  Giddy and ecstatic.  Articles practically write themselves.  When it eludes me, it is maddening.  Frustrating to the point of shaking my fists at the sky and uttering ‘curse you brain!’.  Why does it happen sometimes and not at all others?

I’m convinced if I had an eternal vat of it, I’d be the writingest most lady you ever did see.  A squillionaire from all the books, articles and commercials (yeah, i’d write those too) I’d be writing.  It would just come flowing out of me.  I wouldn’t be able to keep it all inside.  But I have no vat.  No tub.  Or even a Tupperware container of everlasting inspiration.  It trickles in from time to time and I’m learning to channel it.  Use it while it dribbles out.  The other thing I’m working on is finding it.  Like the guys from Gold Rush (any Discovery nerds here?), I’m mining for gold.  Mine just doesn’t sell for $1000/ounce.  Not yet at least.

Inspiration.  A necessary component to what I do.  It comes when it wants and no matter how fickle or fleeting it is, when it’s here I am eternally grateful.


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