Just haven’t met you yet

Tomorrow, I am embarking on a crazy adventure.  I am boarding a train bound for Chicago and there I will meet my friend Erin.  We’ve been friends for the last five years but this will be the very first time we will meet. 

It sounds nuts, doesn’t it?  I know because I see people’s expressions as I tell them.  They usually have a barrage of questions to follow so I’ll just go ahead and answer them…

How did you meet her?

This is a very long and complicated story.  People tend to get incredibly confused and/or bored when I go into much detail so I’ll keep it simple.  We met on a forum and decided that we had the same (sometimes immature) humor.  She started a blog and asked me to help write posts for it which is actually where I started my blogging career.

How often do you talk?

Well, at first we would IM almost every day or we emailed.  That was how we communicated.  Now that I’ve joined the 21st century we can text.  We have officially talked on the phone two times.

How do you know she’s not a psychotic serial killer pretending to be a woman just so he/she can lure you into meeting him/her?

Because I asked her if she was and she said no… duh.  The irony of it is that her friends think I am 400 lb man who’s Facebook page and blog is an elaborate hoax to try to trick her.  Now that would be some serious dedication.  Far more than I could ever possess.  Besides, who has time to be that psychotic with a job and two kids?

Do you even know what she looks like?

Yes.  We are friends on Facebook and we exchange Christmas cards every year.  As everyone knows these are two of the best indicators that you are really, really good friends with someone.

Where does she live?

San Antonio, Texas.  I am in Michigan.

What do you guys have in common?

Almost, practically nothing except our demented sense of humour and our ability to make fun of everything.  What else do you need?

What if you find out you really hate each other?

We have decided to just set our expectations incredibly low and assume we will.  We have nowhere to go but up from there.

Why did you pick Chicago?

For a very simple reason.  Erin had a free voucher to fly on Southwest Airlines and Chicago was the closest they fly to Michigan.  A train ticket is pretty inexpensive for me to get there and Chicago is fun!

You can’t really be friends with someone you’ve never met.

Now, this one is really just a statement and slightly mean but I’ll take the time to address it.  I think you’re wrong.  You can be friends with someone even if you’ve never stood in the same room with them.  A friend is someone who you laugh with, share things with and benefit from having in your life.  There are plenty of people in this life that I share the same space and oxygen with from time to time and I would never consider them a friend.

I don’t know if I like this idea

Right.  Once again, not a question but I get it.  Meeting strangers can be dangerous.  If it makes you feel better (and I think it will), think of it as meeting a pen pal not a stranger.  Plus, I already bought my ticket so I’m going.  I know its kind of crazy but the world is crazy place and sometimes you have to be a little nuts just to keep up.


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7 Responses to Just haven’t met you yet

  1. Erin Pollet says:

    And for clarification to all your readers, I am the one that says that we aren’t really friends because we haven’t met. And yes, I am mean.

  2. joannesher says:

    I TOTALLY agree with you, Chris. Have a BLAST. I have several dear friends I have never met – or have only met a couple times. You CAN be a friend with someone you don’t share airspace wit.

  3. I met my best friend online. She lives overseas and we’re as close as can be for all we’re a million miles apart. When we met it was as tho she’d been there with me my entire life, it was amazing! Enjoy!

  4. W. R. Woolf says:

    I think it’s a great idea 🙂
    If we never met someone new life would be a bit boring…

  5. koreafied says:

    I feel like I know you two already. Or, something something something blog. Yes, blog.

  6. Bill Nelson says:

    Chris – this sounds very cool! You have plans? Chicago was my home town for about two and a half years and there are MANY cool things to do. If you want something very different, go to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) and take a step out on the clear platform about 100 stories above the street. It’s only about two blocks from Union Station and if the weather is good, it would make a great walk and talk session. Have a great time!

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