Rockafeller skank

Fun factoid #39 about me…

I do squats, leg lifts or calf raises when I’m doing mundane things.  Shampooing my hair, brushing my teeth, waiting for my coffee to heat in the microwave.  My theory is that you spend a lot of time in life doing various mind numbing acts and you might as well get some toning done at the same time.

Now, I’ve always been careful to make sure I’m alone when doing this because honestly, I’m sure it looks strange.  Kind of like the potty dance gone terribly wrong.  Then the unimaginable happened this morning.  Dan caught me waiting for my coffee to heat in the microwave.  There I stood in the kitchen, a knee raised, the other leg in a semi-squat.  Mindlessly holding and switching.  Thinking about what I needed to accomplish today.

“what are you doing??” I heard behind me.  He startled me and with a wince I realized I had been busted.  I turned around and tried to explain…

“um, well… it’s kind of a squat thing.  i was heating my coffee so i thought i’d just do that…” my voice trailed off.  Yeah, there’s no way not to sound dumb after witnessing me in what I’m sure is more crackhead meets Rockafeller Skank than Jillian Michael’s 3o Day Shred.

“ok” he said.  Then he turned and walked out of the room.  I followed him trying to explain better my theory on boring tasks combined with strength moves but he didn’t need it.  He was good.  He had accepted this random act of crazy.

Isn’t marriage great?  You can do all the stupid stuff that the world would judge you for but not your spouse.  They witness the insane things you do but just accept it as your level of weird.

And what does that weird look like?  Practically like this… minus the music, dance partner or actual skill.


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2 Responses to Rockafeller skank

  1. mkultra76 says:

    I would be less likely to question the act of doing squats in front of the microwave, as I would be to ask WHY WHY WHY are you heating coffee in the microwave?? Kidding, kidding…love this! Signed: A. Coffee Snob. 😉

  2. Chris says:

    Haha… this the the problem with sitting too long in the ‘writing zone’. Cold coffee! But really, we have no couth.

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