Soul & the sea

My dreams last night were filled with boats.  Specifically speedboats and lots of them.  Even after I got up to pee in the middle of the night (sad I know), my newfound slumber brought me even more visions of boats.  I found this very bizarre since its December and its been months since I have set eyes on a boat of any sort.  Every so often when a dream is this peculiar or realistic, it triggers my curiosity to find the symbolism for the meaning.  Here’s what I discovered…

Boats symbolize a few things but the ones that stuck out to me is the good luck, fortune or achievement of an important objective is predicted in a dream of riding in or driving a speedboat.  Wow, really?  I had an entire night filled with them!  Can you say awesome?

Tomorrow, I’m entering an essay contest for the Ladies Home Journal.  Scary and exciting all at the same time.  It would be nice if my dreams were a sign of good luck but I’m not going to hold my breath.  Instead, I’ll do the best I know how and submit what I hope to be a winning essay about personal growth.  This is a topic that seems like a no brainer for me.  I talk about it all the time…  I grow like this, I grow like that.  I want to change, I failed at change.  Insights I found on my way to evolving.  Funny stories that came about.

Yeah, I know.  This should be easy.  Like Albert Einstein talking about math.  But you see, while he may have been a genius when it came to mathematics, the world knows him mainly for his Theory of Relativity.  Even though he was a brilliant physicist, he had to find a way to communicate his fantastic ideas into one amazing theory that blew the world away.  So yes, I know that its easy for me to write and discuss change, growth, the evolution of my personal being.  But writing an essay worthy of winning first place is tricky and I’m no Albert Einstein.

First place, folks.  No runner up!  Its all or nothing.  The winner wins $3000 and their article published in the magazine.  Second place gets nothing except first loser bragging rights.  The winner gets a pretty sweet prize if you ask me but the question that begs to be asked is… can I win it?  {insert awkward pause here}  This’ll take some time.

Peck, peck, peck away at the 1500 word minimum.  It’ll be a stretch but I’ll get there.  I got about 700 words into it when I decided I hated my essay.  Trash!  Not fit for eyes to read.  I deleted it in a fury of rage and started over.  Ok, no problem.  Don’t stress.  You can do this.  I just need to change the way I write.  Alter the manner in which I channel my inspiration.  Rethink how I edit.  Awesome… I get to write the largest, most important essay I’ve ever written AND I get to change everything I’ve ever known about what works for me and writing???

The answer is yes, my friends.  The world loves irony and here is mine… my essay about personal growth challenged me in such a way as to inspire more change and growth in me.  Howd’ya like those apples?  I suppose I like them.  At the very least, I’ve accepted them.  Now the hard part is accepting what I’ve written and finally submitting it.

Rewriting and revising has brought about 2 new revelations for me though;

1.  I think I’m hopelessly addicted to the words ‘had’ and ‘that’.  I’m pretty sure I need to start wearing a rubber band around my wrist and snap it every time I use either.

2.  Editing is like a scab.  If you don’t stop yourself, you’ll keep picking at it until it leaves an ugly scar.  So know when to say when and leave it alone.

And so I’m officially calling ‘Uncle’.  Well, almost.  One more scratch wouldn’t hurt…


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