I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Gerrit loves this song.  It is officially his favorite song about Christmas.  We’ve listened to Christmas songs for the last couple of weeks but it doesn’t come on as much as you’d think.  When it does, we love to sing along and laugh at the silly lyrics.  On this Christmas Eve, I wanted to make sure I took a moment to document such a trivial piece of information.

The holidays make you nostalgic and I’m not in the minority.  At the kids request, we’ve been watching YouTube videos of when they were younger.  My heart swells seeing my tiny tots and hearing their little voices once again.  It reminds me of how much they have changed in the last couple of years.  They seem so old now.  I catch only flickers of the babies I once had.  A mannerism here or a mispronunciation there.  All too soon, I know they’ll be gone as well.

My ‘big, little people’ I often refer to them nowadays.  So big in some ways, so small in others.  I forget sometimes that I need to capture them right now, in this very moment.  It won’t last long.  In a few years, they’ll be even bigger and I’ll have forgotten how little they were this year.  That they still believed in Santa and they still wanted to snuggle this morning.  I won’t remember how excited Emma was to buy Gerrit a Webkinz cow with her very own money this year or that Gerrit tells us every single day how Christmas isn’t about the presents, it’s about spending time with your family.  It’ll slip my mind that Dan and I jokingly refer to any mundane event (like him having clean socks or the power coming back on in the kitchen after he flips the breaker again) as a ‘Christmas Miracle’.  I would be sad to lose those memories.

And so I’m putting it here.  It isn’t my funniest post or the most well written but it’s important.  These are the slivers of our lives that we’ll forget with time.  The small, insignificant moments that in the end, define our existence.


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5 Responses to I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

  1. Erin Pollet says:

    Here’s a bit of trivia for Gerrit. Hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive animals in the wild, and they’ll eat almost anything. They’ve been known to capsize small boats and eat the people inside. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Very sweet – the memories of the children smaller and eve nthe mundane things with your husband. We think we could forget because they were so ….profound at the time. We do. and you will have them.
    🙂 Peace

  4. Chris says:

    You are so right, Lizziecracked. All those tiny moments, we assume we’ll always remember but they slip away. Hope your Christmas was wonderful! Thanks for reading 🙂

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