Change of time

It’s a well-known fact that I despise New Year’s Resolutions.  I’ve written before about the idiocy in making them and the hypocrisy in stating you’ll reform just because the calendar changes.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to rant about that again.  Honestly, I’m spent.  Instead I thought I’d share some hopes I have for 2012.  Let’s call them goals

Run the 5/3 Riverbank Run

Yes, I have registered for this race a couple of times and because of the curse, I have yet to run it.  THIS is my year!  I hope.  Training starts the end of January.  The race is May.  Wish my health and good luck.  If I’m to maintain my sanity, I must accomplish it this year.

Sew→ a needle pulling thread

It’s not a secret, I’m no Martha Stewart.  I have no love for gardening, crafting or beautifying my domain in general.  But this year, I hope to downgrade my ill-fated attempt at sewing seeds to just plain sewing.  Dan has officially banned me from gardening and I need something to fill the pseudo void.  It seems highly unlikely that I could possibly be worse at stitching than watering and harvesting.  At the very least, no vegetation will be slaughtered in the process.

Purge the unnecessary

Now, I know this has all the markings of a New Year’s Resolution but it’s not.  Why not? you ask… Because it’s a project with a purpose!  That’s why.  We would like to move in the next year or so and I refuse to move all the useless junk that we have amassed in the 11 years we’ve spent here.  A few years ago, I did a purge of all of our closets and IT FELT SO GOOD!  I loved peeking inside them with the smugness that comes from having an orderly cubbyhole.  But with time, comes stuff.  Random items you aren’t quite sure what to do with except put in those pristine cupboards and cabinets.  I promise to resist any Mommy Dearest moments

Learn to break dance

This may seem like a lofty goal for a woman of my age but it has been a deep seeded dream of mine.  Long before I ever witnessed the awesomeness of the JabbaWockeeZ, I’ve had a soft spot for any good pop, drop or lock.

I think it would be a useful skill.  A cherry on the top of my resume.  I can just hear future employers… “well, sure.  john is a strong contender but did you see that chris can krump?!?” I’ll be a shoo-in.  Cleaning the house would suddenly become a full body sport, as entertaining to engage in as it would be to watch.  Dusting would be a new form of art instead of a mind numbing task.  Emma and Gerrit would beg me to let them help.  And like any good mother, I’d pass my knowledge down to them.  What a legacy to leave to my children!  Besides, you never know when you might be faced with an epic dance battle of man vs mascot.  I’d like to be prepared.


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2 Responses to Change of time

  1. Bill Nelson says:

    The skills you collect are what make you unique. I am SURE that there is a job out there that values a great breakdancer!

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