Move ya body

The thing about a dying cat is that it brings you to this…

I’m standing in my kitchen, diligently breaking off pieces of cheese to drop to the floor.  I’m here because if I drop more than one at a time, she won’t eat it.  If I give her a plate of cheesy chunks, she won’t eat it either.  But if I tear off a tiny bite and drop it to the floor in front of her, she’ll gobble it up with zeal.  I know when she’s done, she’ll ask for the faucet in the bathroom to be turned on. You see, she likes to drink directly from the stream as it trickles out.  She’s always loved to do this, we just wouldn’t give into her requests before.  Now we do.

And that’s how it is.  Because you come to a point that you can’t spoil a dying cat.  Ever.  And so if she demands to eat tuna and cheese and the salsa chicken I made us to eat for dinner, then that’s what she gets.  She can’t be spoiled.  Not now.  Spoiled is what you become when you have a long life ahead of you and overindulgences have the risk of ruining you.  Spoiled isn’t what you can become when you have very few days left on this earth.  No.  At this point, it’s just living life to the fullest.

I’m happy to do it, give into her demands.  They’re really not that hard.  But I see now that all of these indulgences have removed any self-control she had.  The other morning I was in the shower, rushing to get ready on time.  And who do you think jumped in the shower with me?  Yes… Miss Quigles.  Crazy cat.  I guess she didn’t feel like waiting for me to get out before she started drinking the puddles of water.  That seemed ridiculous to me but she took it too far last night.

Now, I’m going to tell you about this but before you get worked up that I’m sharing too much information, I want to remind you that we ALL pee.  It is a natural thing that every single one of us does and so it is not embarrassing to talk about it on my blog, right?  Ok.  So I was going to the bathroom last night when she jumped on the back of the seat behind me.  I was dumbstruck and  worse yet, I was officially stuck.  If I got up, she would fall into the toilet.  But I couldn’t reach around to grab her and remove her.  All I could do was tell her to get down… and wait.  Do you know what its like to be trapped on a toilet seat by a 7.5lb cat?  Sadly, I do.

I’m scared to see what insane thing she does next.


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3 Responses to Move ya body

  1. Fluffy Tufts says:

    I’ve actually been in that exact situation (ie. cat and toilet!!), so I can empathise! lol

  2. Brian says:

    Hahahaha! I haven’t been in that situation yet, but I have had plenty of strange moments living in a house with three cats. =)

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