One piece at a time

Day #5   Today’s run was inspired by my thighs.  Not because they felt like going for a run but because I don’t particularly like how they’ve looked as of late.

Now, I know they say you can’t run with the goal just to lose weight but tonight, I did.  I ran for my thighs.  I ran for my arms.  I ran for my calves.  I ran for my abs.  I did not run for my chest (I think we all realize running is not conducive to that area). 

Tonight, I ran for each and (almost) every part of my body that needs me to be a runner again.  That’s begging me to become a runner again.  So yes, it was for vanity’s sake but it got me on there.  I told Dan before I headed down that I was simply running for the time.  I did not care how far I got or how fast I went.  I was ONLY doing my alloted time and that was it!  I started the ‘mill up and went to work.  I was a little slow going at first.  Then I decided if I was going to suffer through this, I could manage a little faster pace.

You know the funny thing?  Once I got going, I couldn’t keep myself from trying… to be faster, to be better, to be a runner.  Tonight, I finished my 30 minutes at a further distance than I have managed before.  I’ll take that.  And I’ll take the congratulatory lick from Scout as I stepped off the treadmill.


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