Today is Day #6 of my 30 days of running and I spent most of the day feeling gross.  Pretty much like I was going to puke.  Not what I call ideal for trotting on a treadmill.  My first instinct was to give up my run for the day.  After all, it sounded like the sensible thing to do.  Then I thought ‘what would a runner do? what would i have done before when i was a runner?’.

Runners are a lot of things but sensible about missing their runs… not so much.  The answer to my delimma was obvious.  Today, despite that sea-sick feeling in my stomach, I would run.  I donned my gear and headed downstairs.

As I ran my obligatory time, I thought of all the runners I’ve come to know in the past few years.  Some I’ve run with, some I haven’t.  I thought about how dedicated they are and how deeply saddened they become when an injury makes them have to stop doing the thing they so desperately love.  I thought of an old high school friend, Barb, who shared with me that she was no longer able to run and I thought about how much she would give to be on the treadmill instead of me.  It deepened my resolve… to run and become the runner I used to be.  Because I can still run, I just chose not to.  And how sad is that?  I willingly gave up my gift.  Some day I may not have the luxury to pick it back up.  My gift may eventually be gone too.

I was talking with two coworkers yesterday about regret and which is worse… regretting the things you didn’t do or regretting the things you did do.  There’s plenty of things I regret doing in life (most of which won’t be shared on this blog) but I honestly don’t have many regrets about the things I haven’t done.  Maybe that’s because I like to think I have a long life ahead to accomplish and do a million things.  Or maybe it’s because I feel pretty good that I’ve taken the chances in life as they have afforded themselves.  I categorize becoming a runner again as one of those things I know I’ll regret if I don’t do.

As I ran this afternoon, I thought about Barb and all the other runners out there that would gladly kick me off that treadmill and take my place if they could.  And so I ran for them.  Longer and harder than I have before.


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