Bad things

The thing that I forgot in this 30 day journey is that even in the peak of my running days, I couldn’t do it every single day.  My body demands breaks and it refuses to tolerate day after day of treadmill running.  I was reminded of all that this week.  A great run followed by a couple of days that I couldn’t run more than half my time before a searing pain overtook my left leg.  The pain started in my calf and shot up the side of my leg in one of the worst leg cramps I’ve experienced since being pregnant.  Both debilitating and discouraging.  I decided to do a couple of Insanity workouts to try to gain strength if I couldn’t run.

What was the culprit of this horrific pain?  It only hurt when I ran and only about halfway through the run.  Was it the treadmill?  Was it attacking my IT like a rabid dog?  I thought it might be so I chose to run outside the next day.  It was a decent run and despite rolling my ankle during my loop, I had basically no pain.  Minus my stumble and hobble over a brick that someone had left where the sidewalk meets the road (seriously, why would someone leave that there?), I was able to run the whole time at a decent pace and the full 3 miles.  That’s encouraging.

Of course, as soon as I decided that I need to run outside it snowed.  I’m leery of running on snow quite yet when my body is still trying to figure out how to do all of this again so I’m not sure what the answer is.  I will try the mill today and see what comes of it.  Wish me luck.


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