Roll on

I don’t know if anybody said it couldn’t be done but they might have thought my 30 days of running would fizzle and fade.  Probably around week 3 since that’s the usual expiration date on exercise commitments.  It’s when the new wears off and it ceases to be fun anymore.  I’ll admit it.  There was a flicker in my mind that said phooey, I don’t need this.   But the truth is, I do.  I need a time commitment and a workable exercise routine to keep me in check on those days when I don’t FEEL LIKE IT.  I need something looming over me to make me wrestle into that sports bra (which on some days is really hard!).  Something bigger than myself, my motivation and my energy level.  We all do.

Life can be simple but it’s rarely easy.  Saying ‘I’m going to make a commitment to exercise’ is easy enough but how will you execute it?  There’s only so many hours in a day and to fit something in, you might just have to phase something out.  I was reminded during these last 30 days that exercise is more than just a sacrifice of your laziness.  It’s a sacrifice on your time as well.  I had forgotten how it’s taxing on more than just your body.  It’s a mental battle to just get yourself up and working out let alone figuring out when you’re going to fit in.  If you’re not careful, the frustration can make you lose it.  I realized again how it involves strategic planning of said events with enough time to shower and become human looking again.  In an ideal environment, you might even take into consideration the best time to work out for you and your energy.  Me?  I’m a morning worker outer.  8:30am can be tough but I’ve found that 8:30pm is downright impossible.

Exercise takes purpose.  My 30 days of running helped remind me of that too.  Stumbling into it by accident doesn’t happen.  Well, if it does… it certainly doesn’t happen often enough to be very effective.  True, you might break a sweat raking your leaves or vacuuming your house but I’ve never met somebody who was ripped from doing just that.  Have you?  I’m sure someone out there will be claiming they have on the next 3am infomercial soon enough but it doesn’t work for me.  I need a dedicated plan, time to execute it and something motivating me to actually do it.  Trying on a couple of swimsuits in Target’s dressing room got me at least 10 days worth of workouts!

So that’s neat, Chris.  Thanks for telling us all this stuff we already knew.  What’s the point?  (as if there needs to be one)

But if you’re a stickler to there being a point to everything… I guess I’m saying that in my 30 days of running, I went from being like this…

To a little bit closer to this…

Have I been birthed into a runner again?  Sort of.  I don’t dread it anymore but I don’t love it the way I used to either.  I find myself loving some runs and despising every second of others.  Does that make me a runner?  I like to think so.  At least I feel comfortable saying I am in public again.


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2 Responses to Roll on

  1. Erin says:

    Ya know what gets me the most…showering. SUCH a waste of time. I would run and workout everyday if I didn’t have to shower, redo my makeup, and fix my hair again. Maybe I’ll try that for awhile…not showering, I mean.

    • Chris says:

      I know! It’s the trickiest part of scheduling. Not only do you need time for the actual workout but I need about 40 minutes minimum to delouse myself afterwards. That’s even pretending that you can jump in the shower while you’re still pouring out sweat. Let me know how the not showering bit goes! I’m interested in hearing the results

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