From here you can almost see the sea

The last couple of weeks here have been unseasonably warm.  By ‘unseasonably’, I mean winter became summer overnight.  Last weekend, we took the kids hiking around Hall Lake to enjoy the day.

Can you see the goose?

Taking a break to eat the lunch we had brought with us.

Afterwards, we stopped by our friend’s cottage nearby and the kids played on the beach.

Emma finding shells for her collection.

Gerrit playing in the sand like he always does.

I had to laugh when the kids asked if I had brought their swimsuits.  Really???  Officially my favorite day of winter.


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2 Responses to From here you can almost see the sea

  1. mkultra76 says:

    I love this! Great pictures. I loved taking the kids on hikes when they were younger. Now they are older, and are exercising their right to Just Say No to hikes. It’s a little heartbreaking.

  2. Chris says:

    It was such a great day for it! I think we need to do it more often. The kids are already asking when we’re going to go again. Give your kids some time, I’m sure they’ll come full circle and you’ll be taking those hikes once more. You know, when it’s cool again to be seen in the woods with your parents 😉

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