This charming man

If you know me in real life, you’ve heard me refer to Gerrit as the sweetest person on this earth.  I assure you this title has not just been bestowed upon him by me because he is my son.  Other people have expressed this same thought to me on numerous occasions.  Which inevitably brings up the question of how could I be his mother when he is so incredibly kind?  I quickly remind them that despite my influence, Dan is his father and all seems right with the world again.

He is a marvel to me, this charming little man of mine.  Behind those amazingly long lashes, his eyes see the world so differently than the rest of us.  To him, I think we’re all just giant hearts wandering around this world, waiting to be filled with goodness.  Hugs and I love you’s are as likely to be shared from him as the air around him.  His heart-filled compliments are disarming.  His observations about other people’s feelings are profound.  And while I know this about him, I can’t ever predict how he will top his latest act of tenderness.

We had parent/teacher conferences for both Emma and Gerrit a couple of weeks ago.  We always go and the kids sit outside the classrooms while we talk with their teachers.  Gerrit’s teacher has slips of paper that you can fill out to tell your child you are proud of them.  A surprise I like to leave inside their desk for them to find the next day.

But it was me that got the surprise when we got home and Gerrit told us he had something for us in our bedroom.  I walked in and found this lying on our bed…


Sweetest.  Person.  Ever.


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