I wanna go

You hear people say ‘he was a man filled with wanderlust’.  I don’t know if that quite describes me.  Maybe adventure lust.  Is that a thing?  A proficiency for adventure?  Yes, let’s just settle on that one.  That seems like a fair statement… I am proficient at adventure or at the very least, the quest for it.

Looking from afar it seems a strange thing for a person who’s battled fear her whole life to desire adventure, yet here I am.  On the one hand, I fear the unknown.  Uncertainty stresses me out and panics me, stealing my breath away if I think too long and hard about it.  But on the other, I grow tired of the mundane.  My soul begs to catapult me out of my groove when my rut becomes too deep.  A brief respite from the norm.  I need it.

My friend, Megan is quite often the yin to my yang but on this matter, we yang all the way.  Since both of us have kids nearly the same age and schedules that coincide, she is often my cohort.  Many a story of hilarity or rediculousness has begun with us embarking out together.  We Willie’ed together.  We’ve cottaged together.  We’ve camped together.  Still we want more.

Spring Break 2012 will be our next happening.  After this week, her and I will be able to answer the question… what kind of adventure is there to be had when 2 women and 4 kids (ages 9-7) drive 10.5 hours to a cabin in the Smokey Mountains?  I’ll let you know when I find out.


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2 Responses to I wanna go

  1. Have a great time Chris! We will have adventure stories to swap. AND, venture stories to scheme when we meet up next time….

  2. Megan says:

    SOOO excited can’t wait for our “expedition”!

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