I am the highway

Sunday was a day of travel for us.  With Tennessee as our destination, we spent the night at Megan’s house to give us a tiny more southern advantage to depart from.  We set the alarm for 5:30am which I had thought would be early enough but the B children were too excited to sleep.  Emma came hopping in at 5 asking if her & Gerrit could get dressed yet.    ‘Excited’ might be bit of an understatement.

The trip started off well.  We made it into the van and into the dark morning on our scheduled departure time.

10 hours to go...

I’m not exactly sure why my kids look terrified and angry while the L girls are full of smiles.  Maybe that’s how they look all the time when I’m driving.  Regardless, in no time at all we were at the Indiana border.  Which is exactly when we realized that Indiana has no welcome sign.  Fine Indiana.  Be like that.  On our way westward to Ohio…

 We were making good time as we passed by a slew of wind turbines…

Past the big bridge into…

Kentucky!  We were getting closer and our estimated time of arrival on the navigation kept shrinking.  Children were in good spirits and us moms were excited about how well the trip was going.  Silly us.  That excitement was quickly extinguished by the rain that started to fall on our windshield.

I gulped and tightened my grip on the wheel as I looked at the darkness looming up ahead.  This was not going to be fun.

I might be smiling on the outside but inside I was crying...

I can be prone to exaggeration sometimes but I assure you that driving through Kentucky was exactly -74% fun.  In fact, it was so un-fun that I grew nostalgic for good times like getting my wisdom teeth removed or when I lost 3 toenails after the half marathon.

On and on we drove as the rain fell.  Slicing through the puddles, straining to see the semi truck ahead of us as a landmark.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled off for a 10 minute break.  I needed a slight reprieve from my fists being clenched on the steering wheel if I was going to finish this trip.   I pulled into a gas station for a break.  I took deep breaths.  I shrugged the stress out of my shoulders.  I went pee (in the bathroom).  And we were back at it.

Back to the highway… and the rain.  Heavy cloudbursts, steady rain, dark foreboding sky.  I grew to hate Kentucky.  Finally, we were done with that soggy state and into Tennessee.

My spirits started to lift and my hopes were raised.  A break in the clouds and we were getting out of the flooded roads and rain.  For a small moment, I thought that might be the last of our woes.

~sigh~Ugh… a traffic jam.  It took a while but we finally got out this one only to get into bumper to bumper traffic 1 mile from our exit off the highway.  After what seemed like forever, we made it to our cabin.

The little creek behind our cabin

The kids jumped into the hot tub…

As the sun set, I sipped a glass of wine and let out a sigh of contentment.  This was going to be an amazing trip.



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2 Responses to I am the highway

  1. Stayed in those cabins. Great! Make sure you take the kids to Dollywood! HF

    • Chris says:

      The cabin was great! We opted for some other activities during our short visit since my kids take after me and are ‘a little short on one end’ as my father in law likes to call them. Hopefully, you’ll approve of our itinerary after I post all of our trip!

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