Beer for my horses

After much thought and planning, Megan & I created what we believed would be the perfect Day #1 for our Tennessee trip.  Horseback riding in the morning and then exploring the nearby caverns.  The kids couldn’t wait to ride a horse in the mountains.

We arrived at the stables and one by one, they saddled up a horse for each of us.

Gerrit & Sugarfoot

Helping Gerrit lead his horse out in front of the barn

Gerrit was the first to get his horse and of course the most timid.  Sugarfoot was the ideal choice for him… 30 years old and slow as molasses.   Perfect!

Makayla & Naveah

Savannah & Shiloh

Emma & Carmel

Startin' up a posse

Myself and my littles

Megan, Savannah & Makayla

After our trail ride was done, we dismounted and headed to the caverns for some underground exploration.

The kids drank from the fresh spring in the cavern.

And made a wish in the accidental wishing well.

Gerrit does seem like a deer caught in headlights in this picture which actually makes it my favorite one.

After the caverns, we decided to visit some of the cute shops.  This here is a bear made of hay, eating an ice cream cone.  Which would imply that you, as a person could eat one as well.  You’d be wrong.

Oh my… have you ever seen such adorable, ferocious, little people before?

As we made our way back to town, winding and weaving through the mountainside, we saw a small restaurant on the side of the road.  I say restaurant but that’s being generous.  Really, it was a shed that sold food and drinks but most importantly… a beautiful view.  We chose to partake and meandered down to the water to relax for a bit.

The kids immediately spotted 2 snakes and amazingly, no one screamed.  Not even us women.

Cheers to a wonderful day 🙂


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4 Responses to Beer for my horses

  1. Bill Nelson says:

    First, thanks for the WIllie reference. Hooked me right away. And second, what a truly wonderful day for your trip. I envy you. we have several things planned for later this year, but your day here is what makes vacations worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chris says:

      Bill, I knew you’d get it even if nobody else did! It was a fantastic day and a little intimidating to try and trump the rest of our trip. Good thing, we’re the adventurous type 😉 Thanks for reading!

  2. Chris, I am loving this vacation! What a great day and what great pictures. One day, if you haven’t already, you must take you kids horseback riding on a beach and through the shallow waves. My girls, wife and daughter, love it! Your kids will love it, too! All joy in continuing your Tennessee adventure and sharing it with those of us stuck in an office! HF

    • Chris says:

      We loved it too! Everyday was full of adventure and surprise. I would love to do that sometime with the kids and Dan. We’re here in Michigan where lakeshore is aplenty. We’ll have to look into that next time. Thanks for the tip!

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