On a good day…

I sleep a uninterupted 8 hours of sleep, waking refreshed and ready to start the day again.  My skin looks flawless without make-up.  Not a zit in sight.  There are no dark circles under my eyes.  In fact, my eyes sparkle with the zeal of life.

I workout rigorously but still manage to have enough energy for using my arms in the shower that immediately follows.  There is no cellulite on my thighs and my arms don’t jiggle when I move them.  After my shower, I slip into my jeans.  I do not ever have to use the force of gravity while jumping in the air to get them on.  Ever.  My hair lays in smooth, silky, cascades.  There’s not a touch of gray scattered in my perfect locks.

I drive in my clean minivan to volunteer at the kid’s school.  I am not rushing or late when I arrive there.  I work efficiently and effectively to carry out all the tasks the teachers ask of me.  I do not accidentally make 137 copies of the wrong paper (double sided), nor do I somehow manage to jam the machine through my ignorance.  When I go to leave, my daughter does not make me feel guilty that I can’t spend the entire day working in her classroom.

I drive home from their school and do the work I need to accomplish for the day without it infringing into my family time.  My house is clean and orderly.  Laundry is done and put away.  When the kids come home, I patiently help them with their homework.  I do not get angry when they act like they don’t know the answers to simple problems they’ve known for the last 4 years like 3+3.  I do not ask them if their brains have rotted out of their heads from too much electronics.  Instead, I encourage them to take a deep breath and try again… please.

On a good day…

I help the children finish their homework quickly so I can begin making a delicious and nutritious meal for my family.  That family of mine with whom I lovingly chat with about their day as well as crack jokes and playful teasing.  I still have time to clean up the dinner mess before we rush off for their sports that night.  There, I will sit in the cold rain and watch them practice a sport they sort of like.  I will not sit in my van to Facebook, or read, or write tomorrow’s list of things to do, or make a grocery list.  No.  I sit and watch them.

Later that night, as I tuck them into bed, smiles and giggles light up their faces.  With the patience of Mary Poppins, I wait until they are done with their 15 million questions before wishing them one last ‘good night, sweet dreams’ and closing the door.  I do not ever let out an exasperated sigh if they should come back out after I’ve so tenderly tucked them into bed.

I adoringly sit next to my husband and listen attentively as he tells me statistics about baseball and the science behind broad-heads.  My mind does not wander and I do not fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  I have energy to talk with him about his day and laugh together.  I am still sharp and witty.  My makeup still looks as fresh as it did when I put it on and I don’t have the slightest urge to put on comfy pajamas.

On a good day…

I realize that I can strive for all of these things but if I miss some along the way, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed.  I remember that my life is a collection of days and I will not be judged by one specific day.  I understand that I can’t do everything for everyone every single day.  I am just a person and no one expects me to be perfect.  Or if they do, they’re going to be disappointed.

On a good day…

I try my best and I realize that is all that’s asked of me.


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These are the pieces of my life and those that make it worth living
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3 Responses to Paradise

  1. Great post, Chris. As for me, on a good day, I get out of bed. All joy in taking it easy on yourself and realizing an unmade bed is just an invitation to a nap. HF

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