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I know you’ve all been eagerly waiting for an update on my Traverse City adventures but the thing about adventuring is that, if done right, it takes time to recover.  Life is a busy little thing and pictures take so very long to upload.  Enough excuses.  Here we go…

Traverse City, Michigan

We arrived Friday around noon to find our hotel room was ready for check-in.  We quickly dropped our bags off and headed downtown to shop and find some lunch.  The first store we went in, we asked the owner where he would recommend us eating lunch and possibly having a beer.  He suggested North Peak and that’s where we set off to find.  On our way to the restaurant, we met a couple that told us about Art Walk which was to be held that night on Front Street.  For $5 we would receive a souvenir wineglass and then be able to stop in the participating shops for a sample, to shop and view the art displayed.  Sounded awesome!  But first lunch…

North Peak Beer

North Peak

After a delicious lunch, we set off for some shopping.  We found some great deals, some beautiful but ridiculously priced items and a wine shop called The Cherry Stop.  And stop is what we did indeed.

Wine tasting

Wine makes everyone hopeful

Wine makes everyone hopeful

Wine not only makes everyone hopeful but happy as well.  Which is evident from the picture above where you can see all of our smiles as we laughed at the bartender taking a snapshot of the sign.  In high spirits, we continued on our shopping excursion until it was time for the Art Walk.  We went into a jewelry shop to buy our wine glasses.

Oohh la la

Ooh la la

We ooh’ed and awed over the shiny bling that surrounded us until an artist offered to do our caricature.  We decided there was no time like the present to get a free one of the three of us and sat down.  The jeweler approached us to ask if we’d like our rings cleaned.  Are you a mind reader??  Yes!  He must have been a mind reader because he not only returned with our sparkling diamonds but wine and chocolate!  Officially my new favorite jewelry store!!


Ain’t we purtee?

As we sat posing, we discussed how I desperately needed to create a business name.  Mom said we should just ask people as they walked in and she set about showing me how it was done.  She was right.  It was all I needed to do.  Ah, but that will be a different story for another day…

We spent the next couple of hours touring shops, sipping wine and making friends.  Eventually, food called louder than the wine.  We finished up the night with a nice dinner, hot tubbing and a teeny bit more wine in our room.

Black Star Winery

Day #2 started with a trip to the Asylum for more shopping and yes, wine tasting at the Black Star Winery.

Black star winery

After a couple of hours, we were starving and headed off to find some lunch.  A quick stop at 7 Monks provided us a taste of some excellent beer but not an adequate lunch.  Off we went…

We headed up the Old Mission Peninsula to Jolly Pumpkin to find something tasty and beer of course.

We scarfed down  ate our lunch and hurried to find out how many wineries you can hit up in 1.5 hours.  The answer is 3.  I don’t have pictures to prove it because we were in a hurry so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.  That’s the answer.

Back at the hotel, we relaxed for a moment before dinner.  It occurred to us that it was Cinco de Mayo and in the spirit of thus, we cilantro’ed up…

cilantro up

West side, represent!!

Red Mesa would be our dining experience for the night.  We arrived to find a magician and a live band performing.


Fire eating – less calories than beer

My hips speak fluent cowbell and the call of the band’s music proved too powerful for them to resist.  We danced and Joy became the official cowbell’er of the night.

We didn’t technically take over the restaurant, but we did have an incredibly strong presence.

cinco de mayo

No Cinco for you!

We danced, we ate, we laughed and we barely managed to finish our drink from all the fun we were having.  The band packed it up and we took that as our cue to leave.  Back to the hot tub to relax.

Day #3, our time was quickly drawing to a close.  We headed up to Sutton’s Bay to Leelanau Cellars tasting room for one last hurrah…

After our sampling, we ate lunch together and then started the journey home.  Our laughter, adventures and the sharing of what only a group of women traveling together can experience bonding us even closer.  We drove home happy…


We looked like this… just not as green.


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