House of the rising son

Today was one of those character building days.  And by ‘character building’, I mean one of those parenting days when you wonder why you speak.  Have you had one yourself?  It’s that day when no matter how calmly or plainly you talk to your kids, they still don’t get it.  And so you try again but to no avail.  On this day, they can not hear you!!

Today was that day and as much as I tried, I just wasn’t getting through to Gerrit.  I’d speak purposefully and directly to him but he still wouldn’t respond.  I’d repeat myself over and over again but to no avail.  Finally at the end of my wits, I did what any good parent would do… I made threats of retaliation.  Here is the conversation as it unfolded…

Me: “You know what?  Someday, I’m going to listen to you like you listen to me.  When you talk to me, I’m going to stare at you with a blank look on my face and then when you’re done talking, I won’t respond.  I’ll just look at you and blink.  I’ll look away and continue on with whatever I was doing and never, ever acknowledge that you spoke to me.  I’ll pretend you said nothing.  And then you’ll know how it feels.  Someday, I’m doing to do that.  I won’t answer you the entire day.  I’ll just pretend like you didn’t even speak.  At all.  Even though you talk, I won’t hear you.  Then you’ll know how I feel all the time.”

Long pause with silence.  I think I’ve succeeded in making my point until…

Gerrit: “I wonder what day that is.  Do you know when that’ll be?”

It is incredibly hard to sigh deeply when you’re trying to stifle a laugh.  I’m not less frustrated but wow, that kid is naturally funny.  And a mystery to me.  Someday, I’ll figure out a translator.


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One Response to House of the rising son

  1. mkultra76 says:

    Oh, yes, yes, yes, YES!!! I’ve been through exactly what you described, right down to stifling the laugh. You’re not alone!

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