AIl that I want

We spent the day out at Gun Lake’s State Park yesterday.  Dan’s parents were camping there and we took advantage of the campground’s beach.  Although windy, it was a beautiful day.  Gerrit, Dan and his dad went fishing after dinner while Emma and I enjoyed a beach alone.  Emma looked for seashells and I channeled my inner Ansel Adams.  I admit I’m no photographer but I like to play one on my blog and since it’s mine, I can 😉

I first tried color, then black & white but something was still missing.  I switched to sepia (which I never use) and it was magical.  At least in my mind.  If I was an artist and had this collection displayed in a gallery, I would entitle it Seeking.  That’s what the photo’s say to me.  You can name them something else if you’d like even though I’m not going to change the name but I think an artist would encourage you to name it what you feel.  I figure if I’m going to play an artist on my blog, I should at least play a good one.  And so, with no further ado, I give you my very first unofficial art gallery showing via my blog.  Drumroll please…



This one would be called… Golden Child

Golden Age

I call this one The Girl with the Golden Hair


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3 Responses to AIl that I want

  1. joannesher says:

    Love the sepia too. BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Gene says:

    Nice Chris. Really nice. too good for the refrigerator.. maybe a wall somewhere?

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Gene! I’m terrible about printing pictures out and framing them. We had our 12 year anniversary yesterday and I’ve never even put a wedding photo on display in our house. Terrible!

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