Now or never


Well, I received the paperwork back yesterday from the state of Michigan and I’m officially LLC’ed.  To be exact, my company is now an LLC.  Which is kind of crazy I’m a business woman and begs the question… How did this happen?  Let’s start at the beginning.

It was just before the new year, when a friend of mine told me he had thought about outsourcing his social media stuff.  Facebook, Blogging, Twitter… he saw the importance of social media and utilizing it for marketing but the content was lacking.  I came to mind as that possible someone, would I be interested?  I don’t remember the exact conversation but it went pretty much like this…

Me: “For real?  You’ll pay me actual dollars to Facebook?  Like, not in coupons but real money?”

Matt: “Yes.  We’d pay you to be our social media marketer.”

Me: “It has a name?!?  Wow!  Do I get a desk and everything?  I’ve always wanted a desk.”

Matt: “Well, you’d work from home so I guess if you have a desk…”

He didn’t say it out loud but I’m pretty sure he thought he’d made the biggest mistake of his life right about then.  I agreed to do it before he could take it back.  And then what?

Well, then I had to figure it out.  I worked to find out more about this crazy new job I had landed and do a great job.  Because after the dust settled and the excitement wore off a smidge, I realized that this was a really big deal.  It’s one thing for a friend to say they believe in you (in theory) but quite another for them to entrust their business in you.  To have enough faith in you that they put their money where your mouth is in public… that sounds weird.  You know what I mean.  There was a strongly implied “don’t eff this up”, to which I thought… “indeed.  don’t eff this up, A LOT.”

I must not have messed it up too much because he didn’t fire me.  In fact, he helped me land another gig.  Then I happened on another one.  This was getting serious!  Like an actual thing I was doing.  Bizarre as it seemed, I had Facebook’ed loud enough to create a new career.  Crazy but cool.

I decided if I was to be a for real social media marketer, I’d need a for real business name.  Time to get serious.  Time to name my company.  But what?  It needed to reflect creativity and it needed to be awesome.  I racked my brain but the right thing wasn’t there.

That’s about the time my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I went to Traverse City.  I told them of my dilemma while we were posing for our caricature and mom said I should just ask people when they came in the door.  She shouted out to the family walking in… “what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marketing?”.  The man told us a name and we told him it was pretty good.  He said “yeah, it’s my buddy’s marketing firm”.  Oh.  Not helpful.  Mom explained we needed a name that wasn’t taken yet and he replied… “well, you’re supposed to be the wordsmith not me!”

I gasped… literally.  I was a wordsmith!  That was it.  So thank you to the dude who I forgot your name but have your picture.

The guy with he arrow above his head. Thanks!

He inspired my name and it’s official now… Wordsmith Marketing & Strategy LLC.  I think the “don’t eff it up” goes without saying.


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