Say it right

Me: “My cowlick hurts.  Why does it hurt?”

Dan: “I don’t know.  Maybe you’re sick.”

Me: “I should Google ‘why does my cowlick hurt?‘.”

Dan: “No, don’t do that.  All it’s going to say is that you have cancer.  Everything says you have cancer.  Besides, no one talks about their colic on the internet.”

Me: “Yes, they do.  See, right here… Why does my cowlick hurt?  And it’s a cowlick, not a colic.”

Dan: “People don’t say cowlick.  They all say colic.”

Me: “Colic is what a baby gets.  A cowlick is when your hair grows crazy in the back.”

Dan: “They don’t say cow lick though, they say colic.  Nobody on the planet has ever said cow lick.”

Me: “I think they really do.  You just think they’re saying colic because they say it fast.”

Dan: “No.  It’s just like nobody says base cement.”

Me: “What?  Base cement??”

Dan: “Yeah, base cement.”

Me: “Uh… nobody ever says base cement.”

Dan: “They don’t now!  Because the english language evolves.  We don’t talk like people from England anymore either.”

Me: “I’m not sure that theory is accurate.  Oh, look… somebody on the internet said ‘my baby has cowlick’.  Haha, that’s funny.”

Later that night, I read an article that said it’s imperative for couples to spend at least 10 minutes a day talking about something other than their work, the kids, the house or the relationship to have a healthy relationship.  I think we can all see Dan & I have that covered.


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5 Responses to Say it right

  1. Andrew says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If you read any relationship books cowlicks and date night are imperative to strong lasting relationships.

  2. Okay, but I still don’t get how it hurts. I mean, it’s just hair sticking up, right? HF

    • Chris says:

      Harper, have you learned nothing yet? Hair is a COMPLICATED thing. My cowlick hurt, I think, from having it pulled back in a ponytail all day which it’s not used to since I normally wear it down. You see, hair folicles are creatures of habit too, and are used to laying a certain way. I threw mine for a loop when I wore it up instead.

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