Some nights

food poisoning

Dan: “Man, my stomach is really hurting.  I don’t know why.”

Me: “You don’t think it was something you ate?”

Dan: “No, I didn’t eat anything that should make it hurt.”

Me: “You made dinner tonight.  Maybe you didn’t wash your hands after you touched the chicken.”

Dan: “I wash my hands a lot when I’m cooking.  People would be surprised.”

Me: “Ok.”

Dan: “I wash them like 5 or 6 times at least.  Not because I’m worried about me getting sick but I’m worried the people I’m making food for, like the kids, will get sick.”

Me: “You wash them with soap?”

Dan: “Yes, with soap.  The kids are actually more likely to get soap poisoning than food poisoning.”

Me: “Soap poisoning?  Is that a thing?”

Dan: “I hope not.  I really don’t want the kids to get it.”

And that my friends, is a good dad.  Even when his intestines have turned against him and he’s half asleep, he’s still hoping his children won’t be stricken with an imaginary illness.


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