Round and round


Emma: “Who has two thumbs and wants to get a beating?”

Me: “Yourself?”

Emma: “No” pointing at each of us, “you and you and you.”

Gerrit: “Emma, you don’t have two thumbs?”

Emma: “No, a Great White bit one of them off.”

Gerrit: “Emma, when were you ever in the sea?”

Emma: “I never said I lost it in the sea.”

Gerrit: “Then how did a Great White bite it off?”

Emma: “I didn’t say it was a Great White Shark.”

Gerrit: “Then what kind of Great White is it?”

Emma: “It was a Great White… labradoodle.”

If you saw that one coming, you’re better than me.

Labradoodles... the other Great White.

Labradoodles… the other Great White.


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These are the pieces of my life and those that make it worth living
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  1. javad says:

    hello ….how are you ? i am javad …live in iran … in please …..
    اسم من جواد هست من در ایران زندگی میکنم وب شما خیلی جالب است لطفا به وب من هم سر بزنید ..

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