It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

How did this day…

Emma's first day of Young 5's

Emma’s first day of Young 5’s

Become this day?

Addie, Emma, Mrs. Mingerink and Jacqueline

Addie, Emma, Mrs. Mingerink and Jacqueline

Gerrit and Mrs. Richardson

Gerrit and Mrs. Richardson

Fast forward 5 years to today.  It’s the last day of school for a lot of kids today but for mine its more than that.  Today is the last day they’ll ever go to CC Academy.  😦

It wasn’t an easy decision to pull them out of their school to send them to our new homes neighborhood school.  And if you’ve never been a part of charter school, you might not quite understand why.  At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it’s no small thing to have your child accepted.  When you enroll them, you wait to hear if they won the lottery (literally) or what number they’ve landed on the lengthy waiting list.  Oh the wait… it’s grueling.  For the parents who want more than their local districts have to offer and not knowing if you’ll be able to provide it for them, it’s a stressful time spent wondering… ‘what if they don’t?’.  The relief you feel when you know they’re “in”, it’s indescribable.

People’s situations change and along with that, their needs.  After deliberating on it for a quite some time, we finally decided the transition to their new school would be better in the fall rather than waiting another full year.  Sooner would be better than later.  Today would be their last.

But today… wow, today is tougher than I expected it to be.  It’s a lot harder to say goodbye then I imagined it to be.  How do you walk away without pause from the school your kids spent their days learning and growing for the last 5 years?  The classrooms you spent hours in volunteering?  The field trips you drove and the days you spent checking in and out their “liberry” books?

How do you say goodbye to teachers and staff who poured their hearts into your child?  Casually wave to say thanks and see ya?  I appreciate the time and effort they’ve invested into my kids.  But more than that, I appreciate their kindness and dedication to Emma and Gerrit.  The attention to details that they could have overlooked if they focused only on just doing their job and not going the extra mile.  Where might my kids be without their help and guidance?  I don’t know.

I’ll miss the crazy, fun CC moms I’ve met along the way and I hope that I’ll still get a random invite to Bunco or some other get together.  We may not be official members of the school anymore but we’ll always have Champion or Cougar, or whatever the mascot may be, running through our veins.  I know you’ll all miss seeing kids pour out the back of my minivan because my doors are frozen or the random things that fall out when dropping the kids off for school.  Someone else will have to step up and volunteer to humiliate themselves in my place.  I’ll miss you ladies and the time we spent whispering at field trips, parties and assemblies.  I’ll even miss car pool and shake out.  No, that was a lie.  I won’t miss car pool.  But I will miss car pooling with my extra boys.

So the B’s bid a final farewell and adieu to all the traditions of CC.  Sayonara CC pledge and Moral Focus Assemblies.  We thank you for all that’s been instilled in our people and we’ll keep doing our personal best.  Goodbye hanger holding a paper with our last name.  No one will ever again ask me why you’re in my van.  Adios Vocabulary Hat Parades and Log Cabins (thank God).  I’ll never have the chance to meet you Colonial days, although I’ve heard a lot about you.  Good luck with all that, moms ;).

I asked Dan the other day if he thought the kids would cry the last day of school and he said he didn’t know.  Then I asked him “what if I do?”, and he gave me explicit instructions if I did not to do it in front of them.  He can be proud, I waited until I got home.


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3 Responses to It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

  1. Cher says:

    Aw Chris. So feeling for you. You have such a way of bringing us all in to your emotions. Love you girl

  2. joannesher says:

    😦 Will miss ya, girl! (and your girl!) But I understand. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lori Gaier says:

    You will be missed, but not forgotten. Best of luck!

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