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Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye

Remember when I used to have a blog?  Gosh, those were the days.  Now, I pour my heart and thoughts into other people’s pages and posts.  Selling the flickers of what I like to market as “genius” to the highest bidder.  And what’s … Continue reading

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Now or never

Well, I received the paperwork back yesterday from the state of Michigan and I’m officially LLC’ed.  To be exact, my company is now an LLC.  Which is kind of crazy I’m a business woman and begs the question… How did this … Continue reading

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I never wanted to be an actress.  Well, let me be perfectly honest… there was a fleeting moment in 7th grade when I dared to think maybe I had a little something something.  I tried out for a beautiful maiden and … Continue reading

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Frankly, Mr Shankly

A long time ago, when I was just a wee little lass, my mother came up with a highly unusual concept.  She decided that she would try to protect my mind from all the nonsense of this world.  Nursery rhymes and fairy … Continue reading

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For a short time, approximately 3yrs ago, we owned the house next door.  We already had a rental on the north end of town, but this house would be to ‘flip’.  Buy it cheap, fix it fast and sell it … Continue reading

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Letting a tid be a tid

  Gerrit & Emma have known about Chuckie Cheese’s for a long time but we’ve never gone.  As I drove down 28th street, they never failed to see the mouse off in the distance and scream “Chuckie Cheese, Mom, Chuckie … Continue reading

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A huntin’ we will go

As I do every year, yesterday I joined all the other crazed shoppers for Black Friday savings.  I planned on going with Megan, Joy & Sandy to the various stores to claim our winnings.  The ads rolled out Thanksgiving day … Continue reading

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