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I heard a speaker once say… ‘I become what I think about all day long and once you know that what you think about is what expands, you start getting real careful about what you think about. You don’t allow … Continue reading

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The girl running

So I bought some fresh kicks and I pound the dirt more often than I have in a long time. Trying to find my legs. Trying to find my words. Both come harder than they used to but I cut myself some slack… I’m out of shape. But I’m out there and I know if I keep going, they’ll both get stronger and in time, that strength will… Continue reading

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Something good

Tonight, let’s talk.  It’s been a while, I know.  But something about tonight… familiar and comforting, it lets my thoughts wander over themselves.  Over and over again, until they make sense again… to me, to you.  To those that knew … Continue reading

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Come talk to me…

“Come talk to me“, she whispered to me as we walked outside. “I’m not sure“, I replied.  “It’s been too long.  I’m just not sure if I can anymore.” I stammered but I followed.  Down the road and around the … Continue reading

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Leave my body

As the weeks pass after my surgery, I can feel the fog I’ve been wading through the last few months starting to lift.  Like the sun has broken through and is burning off the lingering haze in my mind.  Things … Continue reading

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Punching in a dream

I am the queen of change.  Well, if not the actual queen, then at least a member of the Royal Family of Change and heir to the throne.  I have spent the last 5 years documenting on my blog the pursuit and exultation … Continue reading

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