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Something that I want.

If there was a word for each day, today’s would be Disgruntled… unreasonable a close second.  One of those days where I don’t feel like smiling or being jovial.  I just want to simmer in my sullen, slovenly mess. There’s … Continue reading

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The girl running

So I bought some fresh kicks and I pound the dirt more often than I have in a long time. Trying to find my legs. Trying to find my words. Both come harder than they used to but I cut myself some slack… I’m out of shape. But I’m out there and I know if I keep going, they’ll both get stronger and in time, that strength will… Continue reading

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Punching in a dream

I am the queen of change.  Well, if not the actual queen, then at least a member of the Royal Family of Change and heir to the throne.  I have spent the last 5 years documenting on my blog the pursuit and exultation … Continue reading

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Cough syrup

I’m hiding in my basement.  Not because there’s an impending tornado about to hit my house but because of the one that already did.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.  The contents of my kitchen drawers and cabinets have been vomited onto every available surface… countertops, … Continue reading

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Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye

Remember when I used to have a blog?  Gosh, those were the days.  Now, I pour my heart and thoughts into other people’s pages and posts.  Selling the flickers of what I like to market as “genius” to the highest bidder.  And what’s … Continue reading

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Brothers & sisters

Most of the time, Emma and Gerrit are the best of buds.  They laugh together, play together, snuggle together.  For being siblings, they really don’t fight that often.  But lately, I’ve seen the beginnings of what I assume to be the … Continue reading

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It’s a long way to heaven, it’s closer to Harrisburg and that’s still a long way from the place where we are… ~ Josh Ritter Our time in Tennessee was coming to a close.  We packed it

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