Hey Mickey

Ah… back from the big mouse.  The bags are all unpacked.  Laundry has been done.  Emma and Gerrit have caught up on their homework and are back to school.  Dan and I are back to work as well.  Life has resumed again in a normal way.  The only thing that remains to be done is uploading all the pictures.  That’s the task that leaves me overwhelmed.  There’s A LOT of pictures!  420 to be exact.   And so, we’re going to have to just go with a theme for each post.  Today’s theme… characters and autographs.

I had to jump in and get my picture taken with Tigger!

The talking, moving trash can.  Big hit!

Goofy was hilarious

Cinderella told Emma that she had the most beautiful smile 🙂

Emma’s favorite princess

I love how Gerrit looks like he’s enjoying meeting Minnie so much

But Mickey’s hug breaks the ice

Emma and the Snow White statue in Orlando’s airport


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