6 things I learned from Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I know you can't believe it but yes, I love them.

I know you can’t believe it but yes, I love them.

Yes, this post is really happening.  I know, you’re aghast.  And trust me.  I already know what you’re thinking… “what the heck?!?  you watch KUWTK?  AND you know how to abbreviate it too??”

The long and short answer is… yes. Yes, I do and underneath all the silly, non-sensensicle, demented, dumb stuff they do, I knew there was a point.  ALWAYS.  Ok, not always.  But in my defense, they are good entertainment!  And now, regardless if you consider them a train wreck or travesty, I have found it.  A few nuggets of truth to redeem my reputation and convince you that there are morals to their stories!

(Are you buying it?)  Here we go…

1.  You don’t choose your family-

Family comes to you as it does.  We sort of, kind of know this one from the get go.  Everybody recognizes that you don’t pick your father or mother, your sister or your brother, your aunt or your cousin.  But everybody forgets that you don’t get a say in all that extended business either.  Families blend and become bigger.  Divorced people remarry.  Children & siblings marry.  And it’s very unlikely you’ll get any kind of say in who they choose.  My sister has always taught her kids this saying about dinner but I think it applies here as well: “You get what you get and you don’t complain.”  There’s a cold hard truth to those words.  The truth is, you can complain about it to the cook but it won’t make it taste any better.  In fact, it might make it go down a little harder and make it more bitter.  And you never know, maybe if you try to understand them a little better, you just might like them!

Moral of the story: It is what it is, bitching doesn’t change the flavor. (you probably won’t find this moral in a fairy tale, although I really think it should be cleaned up and added to at least one)

2. Relationships are hard blessings-

Yeah, this one can be a little trickier to extract from the show but we’ll get there.  I can’t say for certain that the Kardashians own 100%credit for this lesson but I’m willing to give them at least a small margin.  I mean, I was watching their show when that reoccurring epiphany dawned on me (again). Every single relationship you have, all those family/friend/romantic dynamics WILL be challenging (and I use that word for lack of a better adjective) at times.  If they are significant roles in your life, they will eventually cause you pain.  Sometimes you’ll cry, you’ll fight and you’ll feel utterly baffled at what the hell is going on.  Promise.  If you don’t, you aren’t doing it right.  But the other thing I promise is, they will be worth it!  The good times outweigh the bad.  They’ll bring more joy into your life than the moments that aren’t so great.  Remember that.  Relationships (all the meaningful ones) will get rocky sometimes.  Press on and keep faith that it’s just a pit in your long, happy road to the future.

Moral of the story: People aren’t perfect. ps Neither are you, so…

3. You think you know but you don’t-

Everybody likes to think they have everybody figured out.  We all do it.  I can look you dead in the eye for 3 seconds and convince myself I know you.  Your history, your future, your work ethic, your education, if you pay your taxes on time, if you’re faithful, what kind of parent you are, your heart, your soul.  I already saw it, didn’t I?  Now, when you read it like that, it sounds like a damn foolish idea, doesn’t it?  Please say it does, because if it doesn’t Lord help us all.

Yes, you already know this moral of the story!  You’ve heard it a million times since you born….

Moral of the story: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

4. Greece is FREAKING beautiful-

Oh my gosh… like I needed any reminding of this.  Some people dream of Hawaii, I have always dreamt of Greece.  ALWAYS.  Even before I knew it was a place, my soul felt a place of such an existence was out there.  And then I saw it and I knew, I just KNEW I was meant to go there. Gorgeous white buildings set upon a hillside, nestled between competing brilliant blue skies and ocean floor.  Seriously!  When you picture heaven, don’t you see it like that?  I do.  Greece is the haven in my mind that I escape to when a yoga instructor commands me to find my zen while my body’s contorted like a Rold Gold Pretzel.  When I’m standing in line at the grocery store and waiting behind the slowest person on earth, it’s my saving grace.  Sweet serenity, take me now!  I honestly believe it was what Belinda Carlisle was talking about when she sang “oh heaven is a place on earth.”

This one isn’t really a moral of the story as much as my plea of the story: OH MY GOSH… GREECE IS INSANELY BEAUTIFUL!!  PLEASE TAKE ME! OR SEND ME!

5. People change-

Er, this one is tricky.  See, they have to choose to.  And that lesson is actually demonstrated by all the Kardashian clan.  Whether they meant to or not, they have either evolved or stayed right as they are.  But for brevity’s sake, I’ll use 1 example for this post.  Case in point… Scott Dissick.  In the beginning, I think we can all agree Scott was a serious D-bag.  But over the seasons, he’s changed into a person I’d enjoy hanging out with.  Even taking away his Lordship, he has changed A LOT over the years and I mean that in a good way.  And if he can change, we all can change.

Moral of the story: People can (and sometimes will) change.

6. Life will be many things, laugh at yourself through all of it-

Life will be crazy good, crazy bad, hectic, hilarious, delightful, demented, invigorating, soul sucking, etc.  All of these are guaranteed on the docket.  Everybody, regardless of money, position or power will have both good and bad fall upon their path.  No matter what’s happening, don’t lose the ability to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. Realize that nobody else does and trust that you’ll do plenty of stupid stuff in life, willingly or unwillingly.  When you think about it, we’re all living our own reality TV show.  My advise… make laughter your soundtrack.

Moral of the story: Laugh and the world laughs with you.  Weep and you weep alone.

So did I do it?  Did I redeem your respect in me and convert you into Keeping Up With The Kardashians watchers?  It’s ok, you don’t have to say it out loud.  It’ll be our little secret 😉


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4 Responses to 6 things I learned from Keeping Up With the Kardashians

  1. Lee says:

    I have no idea what any of this is about! WTH is a Kardashian? Is it poisonous?

  2. Brian says:

    Hey, Chris! Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I have missed interacting with you online. Hope you and your family are doing well. Happy 2014! =)

    • Chris says:

      Brian!!! How are you? Can you believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted? I haven’t been following anyone else’s either! I’ve pretty much been sucking in most of my life so I hope you don’t take it personally. I hope you & Honey are doing good. I’ve missed interacting with you as well! I’ll be back to my usual self soon (I hope) and will stop by your blog to catch up 🙂

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