The dog days are over

Not to be overly dramatic… but my life has completely changed.  With a simple purchase of a new cell phone, my world has blown up.  I’ve gone from a phone that was strictly used ONLY for talking to a phone that can do everything.  It’s called the Samsung Epic but I like to refer to it as heaven. 

It’s amazing.  The closest comparison I can come to would be going from a bike to a Ferrari.  I’ve not only joined the ranks of people who can text but I can go on the web whenever I want to.  It’s like magic to me.  I’ve only begun to browse the apps but they include games, music, business tools, movies, ringtones, etc.  They’re endless.  I think there really is an app for everything!

I know they say money can’t buy happiness but they’ve surely never played with this phone.  As for me, I’m giddy☺


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One Response to The dog days are over

  1. Duh says:

    Message me your phone number so we can text!!

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