How soon is now?

The blessing about already having made a decision is that you don’t need to make it again.  Yesterday… that was my saving grace.  Since I’d already committed on Saturday that I would be running today, I could change the question of will I to when will I?  That’s what got me on the treadmill for Day #3.

My run went a little something like this…

First 10 min

  • occupied myself with picking out a tv show/channel for the first 5min
  • decided that tv is crap and put on headphones
  • distracted myself with picking out a killer song… settled on Florence and the Machine’s Shake it off
  • felt good

Second 10 min

  • pleasantly surprised that time is going by so fast
  • become optimistic about becoming a runner again
  • downgrade that optimism to skepticism after an agonizing 1.5 minute
  • wonder how Bruce Springsteen could have possibly thought Pink Cadillac was a good song to add to his repertoire
  • consider the 732 things I need to do today
  • tell myself that this is important too
  • remember that in running, all underwear is not created equal

Last 10 min

  • totally and completely over this run, decide to change channels to distract myself
  • accidentally fling the remote across the room with the channel stuck on a horrible song
  • go back to listening to headphones instead to drown out the ‘i hate this’ chant that’s playing through my mind
  • wonder why time is going so incredibly slow
  • remind myself that my mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and not… begin chanting ‘i love this’ to myself
  • decide to run 1 extra minute

Done with another day.  Scout did his usual congratulatory lick on my calf.  I’m sure this is his version of a high-five.


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3 Responses to How soon is now?

  1. Great job of running on the treadmill! Blues Brothers is GREAT to run on the TM too. 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Thanks! The weather has been unseasonably nice here but I’m afraid if I start running outside this soon in my newfound schedule, I’ll never get on the treadmill again. I’ll suffer through for a bit. Let me know how you like the barefoot running! It’s intriguing

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